Dutch Supercar, SPA, Belgium, 28th June 2009

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To capitalise on the opportunities of racing at the infamous Spa Francorchamps, both the Beaumont/Gormley Mosler and the Class 2 Marcos Mantis were entered for the heavily subscribed hour long Dutch Super Car race on the Sunday, some 50 cars in all. Surprise entrant and team owner, Warren Gilbert driving the Mantis for the full hour, with compulsory pitstops for all.

Both cars had to start from the back of the grid having not competed in the previous Saturday race. The possibility of making it to the top end of the leaderboard was seemingly impossible for either car, but both were to prove otherwise, in particular Warrens feisty antics saw him fly up and up the leaderboard until he was in a remarkable 6th position as the pitstop window opened and the leaders were beginning to pit. A clean pitstop saw Warren settle into 9th position once all cars had done their mandatory pitstops. Meanwhile the victor of the Saturday race, the Rollcentre Mosler of Le Mans racer Martin Short had outwitted himself by mistiming his pitstop thus having to drop down the order had also been making progress in equal measure and both the Topcats Marcos and the Rollcentre Mosler were tailing each other as they carved their way through the slower cars. Both were vying for position but Warren continued to nose ahead, unperturbed by the Mosler, full in his mirrors. In the end they crossed the line with just 400ths of a second between them.

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Round 3 – Spa, Belgium, 27th June 2009

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Pole-sitter Sumpter took the lead from the rolling start, with Sean McInerney in the Eclipse Mosler just slightly behind. It’s just a short blast from the start line to the tight hairpin at La Source, and Almo Coppelli, starting Peer Slipsager’s Ferrari 430 from the inside of the third row, saw a clear swathe of tarmac against the pit wall right up to the apex, and powered into it, arriving on the brakes almost alongside the Bayhar-backed Porsche. It’s tight there now, though – very tight on the inside – and as Coppelli struggled to turn the car through the acute radius, the tail wiggling as he laid on a bit too much power, McInerney, Steven Brady’s Prosport, and Pat Gormley in the Topcats Mosler all tiptoed back past him round the faster, wider line.

The plumes of spray from the Paragon Porsche left everybody in the wake guessing , and Sean McInerney got the Mosler’s nearside wheels on the rumble strip as he powered for the climb up from Eau Rouge, the seemingly innocuous spin being just tagged by the recovering Coppelli, the Ferrari careering hard into the barriers, then spinning across the track into the opposite Armco. The situation with the Ferrari was serious, causing the immediate deployment of the Safety Car and the medical team. It was eight long laps, and 38 minutes of the race, before the safety car came in, with the rain now torrential, and the return to racing speed, in very changed conditions, caught some out.

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