TVR owners see sense as more Chevy LS conversions are underway

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LS3 Cerbera

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Topcats Racing have two more Chevy LS engine conversions underway, which indicates that owners understand just why this conversion makes so much sense, from both a cost and performance perspective.

Included in the conversion is a brand new ‘crate’ LS engine with custom exhaust headers coupled to an upgraded brand new TKO600 gearbox to handle the increase in power. A new clutch, flywheel and starter motor round up the package.

The major advantage over an upgrade of the original engine is that the cost of the new engine can potentially be offset against the sale of the original engine and gearbox. Once the conversion is complete, owners will be able to reduce their maintenance costs dramatically over the duration of ownership and will allow drivers to enjoy their cars to the full without the limitations and stress of engine reliability and maintenance.

Benefits of installing an LS engine to your TVR

Looks as good if not better than factory installation

Potential to offset the cost of your new engine against your old one

Engine, gearbox, clutch, flywheel and starter motor included in the price

No potentially time consuming and costly tappet adjustments required

Problematic starter, slave cylinder and clutches are replaced with GM parts

Low maintenance required

Repositioning of components to reduce maintenance costs

Replacement parts are cheaper and more readily available

The engine has the potential to be tuned to over 700 bhp

Far greater durability from the engine and gearbox

Better driveability, tractability and smoother rev range (will pull like a train from 18 mph in 5th gear )

No other option offers anywhere near the same amount of horsepower

Please read the published feature about our LS conversions written by Editor, Iain Cole from Sprint Magazine. (April 2009 Issue 400).

Click Here to read LS3 Sprint Magazine Issue 400. Please disregard incorrectly published prices in this feature.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of converting to an LS engine, please contact Director, Warren Gilbert on 01296 655109

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