Bonnie & Clyde are public enemy number 1!

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Trigger happy

Topcats Racing drivers, Bailye and Black aka Bonnie and Clyde for the Snetterton race (their nicknames will change for each race – we wait with bated breath!) really did live up to their gun toting reputation at the weekend after dominating much of the race and leading overall right up until their pitstop. Bailye, the ‘quiet sniper’ who started the race was reassuringly fast and the race leader during his shift. He was in stark contrast to his ‘all guns blazing’ sidekick, Black, who was more eager to put on a public display that would ricochet them from 10th post pitstop all the way back up to an incredible 4th overall and more importantly ambushing rival Class 2 gang, Ainge and Jordan, to steal 1st in class leaving them behind and somewhat wounded to pick up 2nd in class. A blood thirsty, Black, took great delight in gunning down Mike Wilds too in the Class 2 BMW;  the man who had taught him all he knows. This left the legendary Wilds with the remaining loot for 3rd place and a penchant for revenge.

Cover me!.....

With Bonnie & Clyde taking the top step of the podium and flanked either side by Ainge/Jordan and Wilds/Lawson, the pair were careful to watch their backs.

The next race is on 2nd June at Brands Hatch Indy.

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