A little added spice kicks competition into touch

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Racing royalty

Drivers, Posh and Becks, were certainly A-list status after a superb race at Oulton Park at the weekend. Both drivers, neither having driven Oulton Park before, did not appear to be a major threat to main class rivals Ashton/Howard in their Ginetta G40 and the Honda Integra of Ainge and Jordan after they qualified 3rd in class behind them. Watch video of Black & Bailye aka Posh & Becks in action

Posh and Becks may be slow in other departments, however, their pace behind the wheel proved a shock to their rivals during the 90 minute race. Becks was first to put the boot in when he passed both cars on lap one and they had no defence. The Ainge Honda, having been relegated, did not challenge him again. However, The Ashton/Howard Ginetta tackled the striker but Becks was subbed on lap 20 and Posh took over to complete the second half.

Posh, enhanced and improved over the weekend, had designs on the Ashton/Howard Ginetta. Posh looked to be able make the extension to the Ginetta as his lap times were averaging 2secs quicker. A slip up from the Ginetta driver saw Posh take the lead and Ashton/Howard were left pouting.

Posh was soon to receive some attention from Jordan in the Honda now that all the pit stops had been run and their true positions were apparent.

Two almost became one when Jordan failed to leave a lettuce leaf width between himself and Posh, tapping the latter into a half spin at the Shell hairpin. Ever the gentleman though, Jordan was mindful of ‘ladies first’ allowing Posh to pass him again. Jordan could not find a way past legitimately again though.

The wannabe winners had to be content to take the runner spots and let love lead the way. Posh took the chequered flag (also available as a pashmina or beach wrap sarong) taking first class, I mean first in class and fourth overall.

To steal the Headlines, Posh was also awarded the Driver of the Weekend Trophy. It’s fair to say they got what they really, really want.

Girl power!

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