Cagney and Lacey fight to lay down the law at Brands Hatch but whatever happened to ‘ladies first’?

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Two tough ladies

Inconspicuous duo Bailye and Black aka Cagney and Lacey did their best to pull rank this weekend. They managed to qualify 8th overall and 3rd in class behind arch rivals Ainge/Jordan (2nd in class) and class pole sitters, Howard/Breeze despite being laden with a hefty weight penalty deemed necessary by the authorities to reign in their success rate this season.

Such chastising only made the duo more resolute to bring order and justice to the 90 minute Britcar Production Cup race. Cagney (Bailye), usually good cop, knew the race was turning into a psychological thriller once he* got ahead of the Ainge/Jordan car in the early stages of the race. It was a game of cat and mouse and Cagney kept his* cool until he* was double crossed by the BMW of Manuel Cintrano who was caught in the crossfire of the battle. Cagney and the Cintrano BMW collided as Cagney came up to lap him. The door was well and truly slammed in Cagney’s face, shame he* still had his foot in the door! It was enough to turn him ‘bad cop’ as he limped back to the pits with damaged steering and a lengthy stop in the pit for repairs.


As all good clichés should be, Lacey (Black), always the bad cop now turned good cop to clean up the aftermath of his* partner was back on the case, sadly all the good leads had dried up and the duo closed the file in 18th overall, 6th in class.

Note: He/His  = She/her

The next round is at Oulton Park on Saturday 23rd June.

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