Car sales and aquisitions. In case you hadn’t noticed…

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It has always been the obvious route for Topcats Racing. Our customers have wondered why we have taken so long to take the step into the acquisition and sales of fine examples of  TVR’s and indeed other marques which might take the fancy of Topcats Racing. Well here we are. Topcats have a long and successful history with TVR’s going back to 2002 when the teams TVR service division was born. With every car we sell, you will know exactly what you are buying, in what condition and at the right price. We plan to always have a few select examples available to clients who are looking to experience the unique thrill of  owning and driving one of these wonderful cars.

Director, Warren Gilbert, has  many years (were talking decades!) in the car sales business. In the past few years he has developed quite a reputation for sourcing very specific cars for clients. Most recently and notably, a Lamborghini Jalpa which was the official press car for it’s launch.  

Rare example

Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari 308, 1965 TVR Griffith, Audi RS6 V10 are to name a just a few that have been acquired with meticulous scrutiny . Warren sources the everyday car too with the same enthusiasm and vigour. Please contact Warren on 01296 655109 or 07850 698700 if you would like to discuss a purchase, are planning to sell your car or would like to source a new car to replace your current one. Please feel free to call for a test drive in any of the cars we have available and why not take the opportunity to test drive our TVR T350 LS7 while you are here!

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